Ready for Action…

Operation studio is almost underway and the finalised start date is 30th May…next Thursday…less than 6 days away!!! Can you tell I’m excited….

The garage was cleared today and and all that’s left is my firing kit and a few odds and ends that I need to find temporary homes for.

This works out quite well as I still have a few things to fire for a consignment which I can do over the next few days but then I will be packing the kiln away for a well deserved rest. While the builders are in I’ll be catching up with some jewellery making and hopefully dreaming up some new ideas to get to work on once I’m settled in my new home.

And of course I’ll be blogging regularly on the evolution of Studio THEA so you’ll be able to see how this unprepossessing space develops and how over excited I get!

It’s the spring bank holiday weekend in the UK and I believe it’s Memorial weekend in the US so I hope you all have something lovely planned and have a really great time.


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