Not Quite ‘My’ Name In Lights…

I mentioned a while ago that I would be featuring in the ‘Inspirations’ section of ‘Making Jewellery’ in an upcoming issue. Well, it’s the current issue and I was very excited to get hold of a copy today and take a look. Sadly the fact that they’d spelt my name incorrectly took the shine of it a bit but, that’s definitely a picture of me and it’s all my work so hey ho…Watt’s in a name anyway!

Making Jewellery – Issue 51 – March 2013


18 thoughts on “Not Quite ‘My’ Name In Lights…

  1. Oh, you crack me up Lesley! And I'm so glad you have good humor about it. I saw one lady go absolutely ballistic over her name being misspelled. And really, what good did it do? I love that piece, did you make the focal? Well, actually, there are several pieces, but I meant the largest pic…

  2. Well, WE know your name and work–always inspiring! (I'm used to nobody ever spelling my name right, but then, I'm not in a magazine. Shame on them!)

  3. Ha, Ha, "watts in a name." My name, first and last, actually, gets misspelled and mispronounced, a lot of the time. It's annoying but understandable given they are unusual spellings. But I wouldn't have thought yours would be a problem at all. Lovely, feature though! Well done.

  4. Whoohooo, great!! Congrats Leslye Wyatt, er sorry Lesely Watt, er Lesley Watt!! Love your jewelry, Watt every your name is spelled ๐Ÿ™‚ We know it's you. And everybody can see you make great jewelry!

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