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So another month is over as 2020 slip by at a pace and that means it’s time for another theme challenge reveal. This month our host it Jennifer Cameron and her chosen theme is letters – very interesting because it has multiple interpretations.

I wasn’t sure where to go with this one at first but I was about to start reading this book at the time so I decided to see if there was anything about it that sparked an idea. The book is a collection of letters from celebrities and members of the public to the world, addressing the climate crisis we find ourselves in.

As it happens I didn’t have to read very far as it was the very first letter from 11 year old Emily Trenouth-Wood that caught my eye. I loved the way she used the letters of the word earth to pick out adjectives to describe it. It got me to thinking about the words I would pick and like Emily I came up with some wonderfully positive affirmations of this great planet of ours but, being just a ‘little’ older and a lot more cynical than she, some very negative descriptions also came to mind.

I decided to borrow Emily’s idea for my first stitched piece to pose a choice to the inhabitants of earth. I printed a monotone image of the world onto some cotton and stitched my word choices on to it in very simplistic style and finished of with a stark ‘you decide’. Maybe not the ‘prettiest’ of artworks but I hope it gets the message across. Many thanks to Emily for the inspiration.

For my second piece I decided to just have some fun. I started to think of letters as simple marks just like those we make when we create art. That’s all they are when all said and done even if some clever soul thousands of years ago organised them in to a method of written and verbal communication. I dug out a cheap letter set that was lurking at the back of a cupboard and had a play around to see what I could do with them.

In the end I went for one of my ‘drippy flower’ paintings and used some of the stamps to embellish them instead of the pens I would normally use. Hardly high art but a frivolous and fun way to interpret Jen’s theme!

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10 thoughts on “Art Elements Theme Challenge – Letters

  1. Both of your projects are fantastic! Your stitched piece is a stark reminder of what we’re facing if we don’t change our ways SOON! I think it’s perfect. And, your second piece shows a little about what we love about our home – the beauty and creativity within it. I think using the letters to embellish your drippy flowers was a most excellent idea.

  2. That embroidery composition is so wonderful. Love your choice of words. Your drippy flowers always make me smile. Using the stamped letters was a brilliant idea. Makes me think of dandelion seeds spreading words in the wind.

  3. I really love how you printed the monochromatic earth on the fabric as the background for your words. And the words you chose are perfect! I really did want to do some embroidery for this month’s challenge but I haven’t quite figured out how to embroider in my sleep yet and just didn’t find time during the rest of the day;-) I always love your drippy flowers and these are the perfect place to add some letter stamps!

  4. I like your second project the best because it is cheery. I have those same cheap letters which do come in handy once in awhile. Your first project is well done but the sentiment just makes me sad. We have so far to go before things turn around for the earth.

  5. I really love the first project and the subject matter. It makes you stop and think about what is going on right now and that changes need to be made! I think it is perfect.
    I love how you used the letter stamps on your flowers!

  6. Wow Leslie your pieces are poles apart! I really enjoy the whimsical fun flowers but that first piece is PERFECT! It is exactly what the world needs to hear!

  7. Completely opposite from each other! I love them both. The fabric is cool and the embroidered message so stark. And then using the letters as abstract mark making is so fun and makes me long for spring. Wonderful work!

  8. So how did you print the earth on the cotton? Curious minds want to know?! Thats a powerful statement piece; I like it. And the letter dandelions are fun, really exuberant. I like them!!!

  9. A dire, but necessary, warning for current times, Lesley. Artistically speaking though, you certainly had fun with this theme! The drippy flowers look great with the letter stamps – I too thought of dandelions – and it’s pretty evident how much you enjoyed making them.

  10. It is a great idea to use letters to make flowers. I remember seeing metal stampings in an interweave publication article that spoke about different ways to use alphabet stamps.

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