Art Elements – Component of the Month May Reveal.

So this month it’s my turn to host the Art Elements component of the month challenge and I provided all the participants with pendants or cabochons made using cross sections of shells. I can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with.

For my own part I did have plans to make several pieces but I’ve been really busy making beads this month so in the end I only managed one necklace. As usual I kept it fairly simple because frankly that’s what I wear. I managed to find a bronze hoop with a sea urchin texture that I made years ago and started off wire wrapping that to one of the green/brown pendants.

My original idea had been to use a 6mm leather cord with the pendant but then I thought about these green iris seed beads that were a great match with the glaze so my plans took a bit of a swerve. Instead I made a choker length necklace using the my bead and jump ring technique strung on green leather.

For a final little flourish and a touch of lustre (I don’t do bling and sparkle) I added a single green pearl to the pendant and that’s it – done.

I’m sure everyone else has been far more adventurous than me and I’d like to thank all who participated in the challenge. If you’d like to join me in finding out what they’ve made just click on the links below and enjoy.


Linda Newnham

Sarajo Wentling

Jess Green

Art Elements team
Laney Mead

Diana Ptaszynski

Susan Kennedy

Cathy Mendola

Jen Cameron

Caroline Dewison

Claire Fabian

Karen Totten

NIky Sayers

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Lindsay Starr

Lesley Watt


13 thoughts on “Art Elements – Component of the Month May Reveal.

  1. I love your treatment of this pendant! The simplicity makes your ceramic piece shine! I really do have to try your seed bead and jump ring on leather sometime. It makes such a wonderful necklace or bracelet!

  2. oh wow I love your bead and jump ring chain, that is really tactile looking. I only wear simple jewellery and this would be a piece I would wear daily 😀

  3. Those seed beads are a gorgeous colour, they really do set off the glaze… it’s a beautiful design! Thank you for a great challenge. I’ve really enjoyed working with your gorgeous ceramics! 🙂

  4. I definitely prefer the luster of a pearl over something sparkly any day! I love that the strap carries the texture of the pendant through out. Thank you for sharing your lovely pieces with us this month!

  5. I just love it Lesley! The bronze hoop is stunning and really compliments the piece and it’s such a beautiful wearable piece plus I love the faceted pearl! Thank you so much for such a wonderful challenge!

  6. It is utterly perfect, Miss Lesley. And I do love your new components and especially your new website. Fresh and inspiring as ever! Enjoy the day! Erin

  7. First off, let me just tell you how much I adore this series of pendants you’ve made! They are just amazing!! I love the simplicity of your necklace. That bronze ring is perfection with the pendant and the seed bead and jump ring treatment is a nice touch. I’ve never thought of doing that with a necklace!

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