Art Elements Component of the Month Design Challenge – Glass Scarabs

For this months Art Elements design challenge we were fortunate enough to get to work with these wonderful glass Scarab beads made by Sue Kennedy and I chose one of the turquoise ones with an etched finish.

Scarabs always bring to mind Egypt for me and when I did a bit of research I found a lot of rings like this one and did thing about going that route but the bead was too wide to make it work in the same way. However, I was also very taken by the the use of brick red stones like Carnelian and felt the colour would work really well with my turquoise scarab – Egypt meets South-Western!

In the end I decided to go with a with a wire cored bracelet that mimicked the shape of the rings. I used 1.6mm copper wire for the core with Sue’s bead at the centre and flanked by greek coppered ceramic and lovely red lampwork beads by Outwest. I also found some etched turquoise beads from Outwest that were a pretty perfect match for the focal so I added these and some copper beads from Hands of the hills. I struggle to get bangles over my knuckles so I left the core open and added a hook clasp. A bath in Liver of Sulphur and a tumble and job done.

It’s a fairly simple design but hopefully makes the most of Sue’s lovely focal.

Many thanks to Susan for hosting this months challenge – if you would like to see what the rest of the team and our guests created simply follow the links to out blog hop below.


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13 thoughts on “Art Elements Component of the Month Design Challenge – Glass Scarabs

  1. I like how you draw the inspirations… and your mind connected it together! The bracelet is lovely with one of my favorites of Sues scarabs! (matte, crusty, turquoise – never goes wrong!)

  2. lovely . I’d wear this often. the contrast of the red oxide lamp-work beads sets off the focal scarab bead so beautifully and marries them to the copper accents. I too have large hands that most bangles will NOT slide over. this is such a a great solution to that problem.

  3. This is really nice and it’s great to see your inspiration piece too. I bet that design you had in mind for the ring would work perfectly for earrings instead.

  4. Sometimes bracelets with large focals are annoying to wear because the weight of the focal pulls it to the bottom of your wrist. It looks like you’ve engineered this in such a way that the balance will be maintained. I also love the colors and textures, and that everything looks the same level of “ancient”.

  5. What a beautifully balanced bracelet, I love the whole thing and I am always amazed at how perfectly neat your clasps are!

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