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Well this year is certainly flying by at a high speed and here we are with another Art Element theme challenge reveal – the theme is flowers and is hosted by the lovely Marsha Neal. Now I love flowers and had all sorts of ideas to interpret the theme in a range of media. Sadly however, life intervened and other things cropped up to rob me of the time needed so my offerings this month are limited to painted pieces.

In my regular post earlier this month I went through some different ways you could create quick and effective floral paintings and if you missed that you can find it here.

Following are the pieces that I’ve created since then and as you can see I go for an abstracted or stylised approach. The first piece shows one of my favourite techniques of allowing the paint to run to create elements of the painting.

Water Colour and Posca Pens.

I was feeling the need for some colour and vibrancy with this one.

Water Colour, Posca pens and Graphik Fine Liner

This piece was an experiment in a loose approach using spattered acrylic ink spattered on the paper and then drawn with a wooden skewer dipped in the ink.

Acrylic ink

I was feeling a bit stressed when I did this last piece and it became very meditative with the repetitive motif helping me to relax and ground myself – I love that about painting.

Water Colour, Posca Pens and Graphic Fine Liner

Many thanks to Marsha for choosing and hosting this theme – I’m sure I’ll continue working on this subject matter for a long time to come. Please join us on our blog hop using the links below to see what the other participants have created.

Evie and Beth

Art Elements Team

18 thoughts on “Art Elements Theme Challenge – Flowers

  1. Thank you for participating in this months theme Lesley! I really have been enjoying all of your paintings and find happiness that you are able to relax while you are working at creating these wonderful pieces of art. Your exploration of different media is not only wonderful to see happen, but is inspiring too. You are definitely one of the reasons I chose to just sit and explore watercolors for my post this month – I just wanted to play… So thank you!!!

  2. Wow! you really have developed such a wonderful style of painting. I can’t seem to grasp anything in particular other than a splattering of paint here and there. I am jealous of your ability to create the flowers with the drip stems. I cannot even master that. My stems go all wonky. I really love the piece our created with the spattered ink and drawing with the skewer but the final piece is really spectacular.

  3. I really like your abstract, stylized approach. I’m amazed at your talent in multiple media. I think I like the first and last paintings best, although all of them are wonderful.

  4. ooooo posca pens… 😛 Love your stylized designs they remind me of Art Noveau with their details. I agree with Caroline those patterns would make fabulous prints on paper or fabric.

  5. You must have the artist equivalent of perfect pitch because you always combine colors, shapes, and textures in a visually perfect way no matter the medium. I adore your flowers and I’m afraid you’re going to force me to learn to paint because you make it look so effortless and fun.

  6. I’ve been keeping up with your drip flowers, etc. on social media and I think you’ve developed a style. I second Tammy’s comment above about your perfect pitch :). Looking forward to seeing more. Alysen

  7. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again – your design sensibilities are spot on. These are dynamic compositions. And would make great fabric. I especially like the translucent layering of the watercolor petals on the daisies. ( header pix)

  8. I just adore that paint drip technique to make the flowers. It’s so organic and almost accidental, but you make it shine! All of your flowers are really lovely!

  9. I’m just loving what you’re doing with these paintings! They are just so fun. I think that second one is my favorite… just adore those colors together!

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