Preview – 13th July shop Update…

Well it’s taken a little while but I’ve finally got the first batch of goodies from my shiny new and very large kiln finished and listed in my Etsy shop. It’s been quite an adjustment from the little kiln I’m used to but everything seems to be coming out as I’d hoped and I’m very happy with the kiln. Here’s a little preview of what’s to come in tonight’s (Monday 13th July 7pm BST) shop update…maybe something will tempt you…
Organic focal sets
Floral focal sets
Lunar hares…
Bead Sets
Charms and connectors
I’m off to The USA for a holiday next month so this will be the last big update I do until after that so the next one will probably be late September. I will also be closing my order book to commissions shortly so don’t miss out if you see something you fancy.

Hope to see you later.



Last Shop Update of Summer

Well here we are at the end of July already – I can’t believe where the time has gone!

So far it’s been a pretty good summer here in the UK but I must admit I
haven’t seen that much of it as yet as I’ve had my head down working
hard on making beads to take to Bead Fest Philadelphia with me. It’s
only 3 weeks away now and the excitement is now mixed with a little
panic and trepidation!

Amidst all this however I just wanted to take a  moment to let you know that I will be having a small shop  update
tomorrow evening (30 July 2014) at 7pm GMT (UK time). This will be the
last update of the summer and I will be closing both my shops for 2-3
weeks on August 16th.

Many people have asked whether the items I’ve been making for Bead Fest
will be available in the shop and my plan is to list any remaining items
as soon as I can in September. I will also resume production in
September so if there is anything in particular you want but don’t see
just drop me a line via Etsy at that time and I’ll see what I can do.

If you are going to Bead Fest do come and say hello – you’ll find me at
the ‘Suburban Girl LLC’ booth #471A. Otherwise don’t forget to check here and on my facebook page
for pictures and posts from Bead fest and in the meantime I hope the
rest of the summer (or whatever season you’re in) is wonderful for you.

Take care.



Shop Update

I’m having a little shop update tonight with new bronze and ceramic pieces before I take a short break to work on my Bead Soup and a few other projects. Pop by and take a look at THEA Elements