Art Elements November Theme Challege – Fossils

Another month (and most of the year) is drawing to an end and now it’s time for another Art Elements theme challenge reveal. Niky chose the theme for this one and I was more than happy when I found out it was fossils… lots of ideas came to mind almost at once. Sadly, a bad viral infection and various domestic issues intervened and in the end I only managed to create this one piece

When I was thinking about what to do I came across this gorgeous polymer clay ammonite made by Jenny which I’d glued to bead backing some time ago but never progressed so I took that as a sign and decided to complete it. After picking out a selection of beads I started creating a peyote bezel and as you can see, the shape of the cabochon left me with a gape at the bottom so I had to work out how to deal with that.

I decided to run three rows of beads across the top of the cabochon and draw the thread tightly to pull the edge in and better define the ammonite shape.

I didn’t want this to look like it was just some sort of practical device so I made a design feature of it by creating dangles and bails from the same beads which gives it a nice flow.

I like to keep my beaded pendants as the centre piece so I finished the necklace of with a simple heavy copper chain with a hand made clasp.

I really like the earthy appearance of this piece – the mellow oxidised chain has a nice aged appearance even if not as old as a fossil!

Many thanks to Niky for giving us this challenge which I really enjoyed despite my limitations. If you would like to see what the rest of the participants have made please join us on out blog hop using the links below.

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