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Welcome to my creative world. I am a largely self taught artist come craftsperson living and working in Dorset near the beautiful south coast of England with my trusty studio helper Cleo the cat.


The wonderful landscapes that surround are just some of the many things that inspire me. I have a passion for colour, texture and form, the natural world and take influence from many things. I started my creative journey making jewellery and developed a yearning to try new techniques that led to short courses in metal smithing, etching and enamelling. Eventually this let me to start making components for other jewellery designers and the addition of ceramics to my repertoire.

In the last couple of years that the yearning has turned to an insatiable desire that has taken me beyond jewellery and I now work across all sorts of mixed media to create decorative art pieces as well as beads an jewellery. These include larger ceramic pieces,  felted, bead embroidered and fibre art and bookmaking…basically if somebody shows me something I’ve not tried, chances are I’ll want to give it a  go!

This expansion has led me to set up this new blog and shop to bring together my previous brands THEA Jewellery and THEA Elements under one expanded banner.


I am also fortunate to be part of a creative community that constantly inspires and stretches me – especially a group of very talented women with whom I publish the ‘Art Elements‘ blog…well worth a visit if you’e interested in creative arts.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Craft person,

    Last year we had a trial garden event at Fishbourne Roman Palace which went well enough to decide to to it again on a bigger scale. The event is called Gardens in Time to reflect our Roman gardens. We have decided to expand our craft area this year. If you are interested, the dates are the 2-3 June. We will be situated in the lower courtyard, that is the big, open (undercover) space at the far end of the North Wing Cover building. The pitch is free at the moment as this is still at a trial phase. Tea and coffee provided and there is a cafe on site. The idea is that the craft people have a garden and/or historical theme at least to some of your work. If anyone would like to see the area, please tell the people at the front desk that you are interested in exhibiting at the Garden event. The only hitch is that the lighting is not very good, if you have your own lighting, you will have to bring it to the Palace before hand to have it PAT tested. We do have tables but probably not enough, if you have one you could bring, your own please let me know.
    If you have any questions please contact me by email or Penny Horsfield on 01243 785859.

    I realise you aren’t on our door step, but if you are interested, you could do one day.

    Best wishes,
    Julie Harrington

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