Welcome To My New World…

Yes, it’s true…after announcing twelve months ago that I was planning to rebrand my business and launch a new shop I’ve finally got my act together and done it!

Six years ago I gave up my day job and launched my jewellery business.

Naming the business was no easy thing but while I was searching for inspiration online I came across this description of the Greek goddess THEA:

THEA was the Greek goddess of sight and the lights of the sky as personified by her children Helios, Selene and Eos – goddesses of the sun, moon and dawn. She also had dominion over gems and precious metals and their inherent light.

Early THEA Jewellery pieces

As metal and gemstones were likely to feature in my work at that point it seemed somehow appropriate and so ‘THEA Jewellery’ was born and my blog ‘The Gossiping Goddess’ arrived not long after. Twelve months later I had got into component making and ‘THEA Too (which later became THEA Elements) became the sibling shop.

First component sales
First component sales

Since then I’ve been on a journey of discovery that has taken me to new places and introduced me to people who have inspired me to expand my creativity way beyond that point at which I started. I still make jewellery and components but I also find myself intrigued by other art forms: ceramics, fibre arts, hand-made prints and books…and who knows what will be next. I’ve come to the conclusion that the ‘THEA’ brands aren’t really working anymore and coupled with a desire to stop relying on Etsy as my sales platform the time has come for a change, and here it is…

‘Lesley Watt ~ Artisan Elements’ brings together all my creative offerings under one umbrella brand which makes it easier for me to manage and hopefully, easier for my customers to keep track of everything in one place. You can now come here to read the blog, check out my tutorials and of course – get a little retail therapy in the shop. At the moment the stock is mostly jewellery but new components will be added very soon. The next step is to add some of my decorative art pieces and then it will be full steam ahead.

Recent work
Recent work

Hopefully you’ll think it’s been worth the wait…I have to admit the delay has in large part been due to me being something of a technophobe and procrastinating rather than just jumping in and getting on with it. Thankfully my good friend Caroline Dewison  has no such phobias and it’s largely up to her that this site is up and running and looking pretty good – if I do say so myself. There are still some bits and bobs that need tweaking where we’ve imported things from the old blog that aren’t quite right but I’ll get those sorted in time.

So I’m really very excited to welcome you here and I hope you’ll have a good look around and let me know what you think. Oh, and keep an eye out for future posts…I feel there may be a little celebratory giveaway in the offing!

15 thoughts on “Welcome To My New World…

  1. Wow!! I think the name change is great! Loved the old one but this is more you!! I love your recent bead work it’s amazing how many tiny little beads you stitch! I’m looking forward to seeing your new components and beautiful jewellery.

    Best wishes

    Christine xx

  2. Fantastic news Lesley, best career change I’ve ever seen, you have found your place. Look forward to seeing it grow and succeed!

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