Studio Conversion – Finished and Ready for Action!

Finally, my new studio is finished and ready – well almost – for action. It’s taken a little while longer to get the finishing touches done and a bad back has stopped me from getting things sorted as quickly as I’d hoped but never-the-less, I’m in and ready to start work and I love it!
These are not the greatest pictures in the world as the size and shape of the room make it difficult to shoot. There are also a lot of reflective surfaces and very bright light pouring in today and frankly, that’s well beyond my photographic skill.
But anyway, as promised here is a little tour of ‘Studio Thea’ or ‘Tadpole Towers’ as it has also been christened (the colour of the walls is called Tadpole)!
This photo is was taken by me standing outside the house and sticking my head through the studio window and as you can see there is a straight line from the studio through the kitchen to the South facing gardening. This provides a good light source but means the studio itself is quite cool as it doesn’t get direct sun until later in the afternoon.

The door is fully glazed to maximise this light when it’s shut but I can’t see that happening too often – It’s been scorching here this week and having all the doors and windows open has created a lovely through breeze.

This side has been designed to provide lots of storage
and a wet/messy working area with a big deep sink and room for tumblers,
pickle pots and such like. Although I’ve put things in the cupboards
I’ve not really organised them yet as I expect things to find their
natural places as I start work and get a feel for what works best where.

Facing this is a work bench area with some more storage which will be where I do my clay production, metal work, enameling and any other process work. The aim is actually to keep this area as clear of clutter as possible but I’m still migrating ‘stuff’ from the old work room and haven’t put it away yet. My kiln equipment is still locked in the shed at the moment as it’s been far too hot for lugging heavy stuff around but it will be retrieved next week, although I’m thinking it may be set up outside while this weather continues…

At the other end of the room we have my design area which is where all my beading, jewellery making and component design will take place…if I’m not distracted by staring out of the window all day that is.
To the left we have ‘The Goddess’ – my jewellery display form, a bookcase for my jewellery books and mags, the essential radio and iPod dock and a little spot on the floor for a certain feline who is also enjoying the coolness of this room at the moment.
The table under that lovely window and at this moment looking very tidy…that won’t last long!
Then to the right are the bulk of my bead stash, pretty tins of leather, fibres and silks and my little trolley that houses all the bits and bobs I like to have close to hand but try to keep off the desk – usually unsuccessfully!

I still have an awful lot of paraphernalia to move in so this is probably to first and last time the studio will be as visible as this…I’ve no doubt boxes will start to encroach on the floor and cupboards will be crammed full but, It’s  a huge improvement on the space I was working in before and I’m just so glad I went ahead and did it…Small it may be but it’s perfectly formed – for now anyway.

So for the rest of the weekend I will continue to get myself organised – between  ice creams, cold drinks and maybe the odd siesta. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend too.


24 thoughts on “Studio Conversion – Finished and Ready for Action!

  1. Your new studio is dreamy Lesley! I love the color of the walls and all that beautiful sunlight! Wishing you much creative happiness here!

  2. This is awesome! My favorite spot is your sink! I would kill for running water near my work area! So happy for you…I hope your back continues to heal quickly!

  3. I love your space. It looks like it's going to be a great area to work in. Love the paint color and the finishes on the desk and cabinet areas. Everything is so refreshing. What a great space!

  4. I was so happy to see this. It looks absolutely perfect. I love all the light. I love the color. I love the cabinets. I love, love, love that you have a sink! The work top areas are great.

    For the future, meaning you should keep your eyes open, when you want additional storage space move up- you have space between your moveable storage (shelves/drawers) and the ceiling.

    I think you are going to be quite content for a long time.

  5. EEK! What a lovely, bright and cheery space to work in! It looks like it will be functional and fun at the same time. I love the LIGHT! (I work in the basement late at night with one tiny window) And the paint is such a great color. I wish you many happy days busily creating here! Enjoy the day! Erin

  6. WOW!! I always love seeing other people's studio spaces!! I only wish that my studio had a sink with running water – like your's!! What a wonderful space you have created!! Bravo!

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