Late But Great…Giveaway

Phew! it’s been a manic start to 2015. I had all sorts of new ideas in my head I wanted to start on early in the new year but a last minute  request before Christmas and a looming deadline saw me head down for a couple of weeks concentrating on a possible project for later in the year. That done, I had to tackle the annual tax return – a job I hate and never get properly organised for. But now that’s done and dusted and I can concentrate on getting the new year and my creative ideas of the ground properly.

There is however one other thing I need to do first and that’s to say a big thank you to everyone who helped my Facebook page fly past the 2000 followers mark by the end of 2014 – being visible on Facebook is getting harder and harder so I’m very grateful for this. Just before Christmas I said I would have a giveaway if I could achieve this milestone and I’m always true to my word so here it it is…a great little collection of ceramic and bronze components that are just perfect for spring designs.

For a chance to win this collection all you need to do is leave a comment below and if you would like to share this post on your own social media you can leave another comment telling me what you’ve done for another entry. You can also get an extra entry by signing up for my newsletter (see sidebar of this blog) which will make sure you get an early heads up on shop updates, events, and special promotions just for newsletter subscribers.

The giveaway will close at 8pm GMT (UK time) on Sunday 25th January 2015 and I will announce the winner shorty afterwards.

Thanks again and good luck…


72 thoughts on “Late But Great…Giveaway

  1. Whew! I've been running 'round the web for the last few minutes! First, I found your lovely site, then I signed up for your newsletter and I left a Tweet for you! You have a lovely site and I know I'll be back several times a week to see what's new. Keep up the good work! Cheers! ♥

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