Focus on Life Week 5/52 – Capture a Heart

This year I am taking part in a photo journal challenge set up by the lovely Sally Russick of Studio Sublime
who, in addition to creating beautiful jewellery is a talented
photographer. Each week Sally sends participants a word prompt and the
following Saturday we all post our photo interpretations on our blogs,
Flickr or Instagram

This week our task was to capture an image of one of the many heart motifs that pervade our daily lives but perhaps go unnoticed much of the time. I was hoping to get out and about for this one and find some natural formation to fit the bill but it has been cold, wet and windy here all week, the most miserable of conditions for walking and taking photos. However, while pondering what to do I was looking out at my garden (as I often do when in thoughtful mode) and spotted a solution right under my nose. Not only does this plant provide mounds of pretty blue flowers all summer long, it also manages to survive the most inclement weather and always has an abundance of fresh green leaves in the shape of a sweet little frilled heart. I definitely love my Campanula Carpatica…

And in case you’re wondering, this is what it looks like in bloom…

So having braved the weather briefly to get my photo I sat down on the sofa to edit it and Cleo, my feline design assistant decided to come and join me. She got bored very quickly though, curled up for a nap and promptly gave me an unexpected bonus shot…

How cool is that…?!

If you’d like to see where everyone else found their hearts pop over to Sally’s blog now.

Have a great weekend everyone.


19 thoughts on “Focus on Life Week 5/52 – Capture a Heart

  1. Kitty hearts are the best! But that plant is gorgeous too..I join you in the misery over cold wet weather…I think it's like that all over the northern hemi, but it is NOT conducive to outside taking pictures, for sure!

  2. The heart shape is great, but really love your photo of Cleo. My cat liked to be in my lap wen I sit on the couch and work on my laptop and then she curls up and goes to sleep. They are so much fun.

  3. What two beautiful shots and isn't that cool how our immediate environment usually does offer up an unexpected treasure when we open up our hearts and eyes?

  4. I don't think I could have found a green leaf to photograph this week anywhere – 29 is not sondusive to growth!! My black cat des have a heart shaped patch of white fur on her tummy but it has a tiny black heart inside it! Cute cat!

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