Focus on Life week 2 of 52 – My Word

This year I am taking part in a photo journal challenge set up by the
lovely Sally Russick of Studio Sublime who, in addition to creating
beautiful jewellery is a talented photographer…unlike myself! Each
week Sally will be sending the participants a word prompt and the
following Saturday we will post our photo interpretations on our blogs, Flickr or Instagram. 

It’s week two of Sally Russick’s photo journal challenge and this weeks prompt was to pick the word or resolution we had chosen for ourselves to work towards in 2013.

I have been and and still am so manic this week that I really didn’t think I was going to post this time around, which is ironic because my word for 2013 is balance. All through 2012 I seemed to be frantically trying to get one thing completed to the exclusion of everything else in my life and as soon as that was done, the cycle repeated itself with another task. So for this year the aim is to get myself more organised and structured so I have a foundation from which to multi-task efficiently and hopefully enjoy the moment a little more.

Well, two weeks in and I’m not doing that great…as I said I didn’t expect to find time to think about a photo but I walked into my work room this morning to be greeted by this image which seemed rather appropriate…


The room is crammed with things like this getting pretty close to the tipping point and occasionally they do topple and hit the deck. The comparison is all too obvious so why is it so hard for me to change? Answers on a postcard please…

Hop over to Sally’s Blog
and you’ll be able to see how the other participants have photographed
themselves and I’ll be back next Saturday with my interpretation of the
next prompt.

Enjoy your weekend.


25 thoughts on “Focus on Life week 2 of 52 – My Word

  1. Love the photo, Lesley-I bet it represents the studios/work spaces of all the great artists like you! I find it terribly hard to keep my "area" clean and organized when I am creating, as I am singly focused on finishing whatever it is I am working on "at the moment". You have a lot on your plate this year – and I am so excited for all of the opportunities that have presented themselves to you and that you have chosen to ACT ON – Bravo!- I have no doubt that you will triumph! My favorite saying of all time is "don't sweat the small stuff"…helps me to put things in perspective!

  2. You hold it all together because you have achieved enough balance to help you along. Continue to be balanced!Great photo, don't knock it over as you rush to the computer!

  3. I love your photo. I think we all have piles like that at some time or another. It is such a great representation, literally and figuratively, of balance.

  4. Hey, that looks just like my bead table!! Really! I love your word for the year. After reading the other blogs it seems it's one we all could use. Just remember to take time out for yourself. Everyone need a bit of down time to recharge.

  5. oh my gosh me too! I am trying so, well, "DESPERATELY" comes to mind to finish one thing and PUT IT AWAY. Then start another. But I see a bead and then a finding, and some perfect cord, and another 'project bin/basket/dish is on the stack. sheesh. I believe I will post your foto to remind me of "balance." Thanks!

  6. I love how when we think things will not come to us,…they unfold,…in balance w/our lives. Love your word and your photo. I think this is going to be a great and very insightful year w/this challenge!!

  7. I love the photo. It is perfect for the word balance. The photo reminds me of my "old" studio. I have been trying to organize it. It isn't perfect but it is so much better. I hope to improve on the order rather than go back to my chaos. We will see!

  8. Sigh, I wish I didn't resonate so well with this picture.i wish I could say I have no idea what you are talking about. But the fact is if there is a horizontal surface in my house it has a million things piled high just waiting for an avalanche. In 2014 you can hand over the roadmap m'ok?

  9. I have a wallpaper on my desktop that says " Creative Clutter is better than Idle Neatness" , of course it depends on your definition of clutter is. Hope you can keep your balance this year!

  10. Balance can seem so elusive sometimes. You have a whole year to work on it, so don't get discouraged. I love the photo. I have a stack of stuff in my sewing room that will probably fall over if I put one more thing on top of it!

  11. Oh, Lesley, your picture is, indeed, a 1000 words (and one that captures the essence of my studio right now :))! A beautiful and at times impossible word you have chosen: I hope you find a way to keep it in your life.

  12. Lesley! Love that picture, it is perfect. I am always trying to balance my mediums… clay, jewelry, collage… leaving me a bit scattered. I wish you well in your quest for balance!

  13. Oh Lesley, i have to tell you that your photo captures your word "balance" beautifully! You definitely have a balancing action going on there with your "creative clutter"! 🙂

  14. We are on this journey toward balance together Miss Lesley! Seeing that toppling tower makes me chuckle as I have many in my home and studio, and metaphorically in my life! I think that dealing with these towers involves getting past the things we don't want to deal with. It is so much easier to stuff it into a corner and keep piling it up until you don't realize how high the pile has become and it crashes down. Or worse. Blocks you from getting out and into your creative zone. So I am with you, word-sister, and we can make this BALANCE happen this year with each others' support! I wish you joy in the journey this year! Enjoy the day. Erin

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