Bead Soup Feature in Jewelry Affaire

The Autumn 2013 edition of the magazine ‘Jewelry Affaire’ features an article on Lori Anderson and her Bead Soup Blog Party. I knew my BSBP partner Silke Grober had been asked to send one of her pieces in for consideration but I’d completely forgotten about it until last night when I saw the pictures of not only Silke’s lovely necklace but my components and the bead soup I sent her too…


Thanks to Jennifer Cameron for sending me these photos – sadly we don’t get Jewelry Affaire in the UK so It’s the nearest I’ll get but it’s great to see my little beads in such a publication and well done to Silke for getting her BSBP design published.

If you can get hold of it do take a look as there are other BSBP designers featured in Lori’s article.

Have a great Sunday all…


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