Art Elements October Component of the Month Reveal – Coin Clasps

I know I say this every month but really? The end of October already…10 months of the year gone…how can that be. Oh well – not a lot to be done about it but at least we had great components to work with this month thanks to our lovely host Niky Sayers who provided us with these lovely old silver hare threepenny Irish coin clasps. Just one slight problem here though…I have so many trays of beads and jewellery and boxes of components spread around the house at the moment that I’ve actually managed to mislay my clasp. It’s not lost… It’s here somewhere but that somewhere isn’t where it should be and if I stop to turn out every box to find it we’ll likely be at the end of November!

The good news is that I do have a little stash of Niky’s copper wren coin clasps that are exactly where they should be and so I’ve substituted one of those. It works just as well for the idea I had in mind and I’m sure the hare won’t mind his stand-in until such time as he comes out from wherever he’s hiding.

A few months ago I made these rustic stoneware bracelet connectors and at the time I had in the back of my head an idea for using them with leather in some way. I’m always inspired by nature at this time of year and love the different shapes and silhouettes that emerge as the trees begins to shed their leaves and plant growth dies back. These connectors reflect what’s going on in my garden at the moment so that was my starting point.

I decided to go with a blast from my past and make a leather wrap bracelet. I first wore this style as a teenager 40+ years ago but I’ve not made any in a while and I’ve found myself revisiting old designs quite a bit lately…drawn back to more simplistic styles. Niky’s clasp paired really well with the connector and this is what I came up with.

The leather is simply knotted to the connector at one end and the clasp at the other. I’ve added a jump ring to the other end of the connector to complete the clasp and embellished it with some tiny dangles in Copper, Unakite and Czech glass. the leather tails are finished with copper beads.

This was very quick and easy to make but I have to say it’s one of my favourite pieces I’ve made in a long time. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear and works really well with my own personal look which is best described as ‘somewhat casual’.

I’m not usually one for close up shots of body parts but just this once I’ll show you what it looks like on…no mean feat that I managed to take a steady photo with my left hand!

So that’s my offering for this month and I’d really like to than Niky for both clasps…I need to dig that hare out so I can make another one of these! To see what the rest of team and our guest designers created with their clasps just click on the links below.

16 thoughts on “Art Elements October Component of the Month Reveal – Coin Clasps

  1. I love the look of the bracelet. The stoneware connector is perfect for the rabbit. They sit next to each other perfectly and the rabbit is front and center in the design.

  2. ooo love that coin!! I did laugh about mislaying the other one.. never done that with a special piece.. oh no!! love that bracelet I would wear it all the time!

  3. I am not a bracelet person but I really like the classy yet rustic look of this piece. Its so Autumn – perfect for this season

  4. Dear Art Element Bloggers-
    I love your blog. I was lost for a few months when you evolved from AJE.
    Your monthly challenges are always a a treat. As I scroll through each Oct. entry, I think it’s my fav or the best, till I reach the next.
    Those dear hare coin clasps are treasures. I’ll have to give the technique a shot with a few coins I’ve collected in travels.
    I find you all so motivating & inspiring. I need this as I have no one in my immediate life sphere who makes jewelry.
    Blessings all for your creative spirit!
    Beading Gramzie

  5. This is perfect even if you couldn’t find the hare clasp. The copper wren coin goes beautifully with the leather and your ceramic component. I would definitely wear this bracelet all the time!

  6. I love it! I love that the colours work so beautifully together, the dangles are just the perfect choice to best show off the clasp and the connector and it looks beautiful on! This piece makes me want an armful of wrap bracelets!

  7. So nice Lesley! Also, I laughed at your first sentence – mine is almost identical. Where on earth has the year gone?!

  8. I love it – this motif is perfect with the wren. Id love to see a companion with the elusive hare clasp whenever it turns up… I really like the feel of wearing a multi wrap bracelet too.

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