Art Elements November Theme Challenge – Stars

So this month the Art Elements challenge theme was picked by Laney and she plumped for Stars – very fortuitous for me. Around this time of year I usually make some bead embroidered Christmas ornaments for friends and family and since stars are a traditional festive icon I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

The ornaments are all designed around my own ceramic cabochons with bead palettes picked to match. So my post is very short on words this month but hopefully the pretty pictures make up for that…please enjoy!

Many thanks to Laney for picking a theme that kick-started me into starting my festive projects. To see what the rest of the participants have created for the theme please join our blog hop using the link below.

Art Elements Team

14 thoughts on “Art Elements November Theme Challenge – Stars

  1. You have been quite prolific this month! As soon as I got a glimpse of your first star on IG/FB I wanted to see more and you certainly delivered. I thought the white/gold was my favorite from the early views but now I’m not sure which my favorite is. I’m really drawn in by those little flower shaped discs on the green one. Are they sequins or glass beads?
    Well done with all of them!!

  2. I am with Cat, I think I need adopting too!! Love these, they must take you ages? Each one I scrolled past I thought ‘ooo no, this one is my favourite’ but the very last one is my complete favourite those colours really work together, I love the contrast.

  3. I agree with everyone else’s comments. They are all stunning and your family/friends will be lucky (and imressed) to receive one of these as a gift!! I like how each star’s beads are going in a different direction. I love the 2nd one for the colors, but the moonface is my preference as a cab. And those little flower sequins are just so cute, all clustered together … I want to reach thru the screen and touch them!!

  4. Your loved ones are really lucky to receive your beautiful, beautiful stars. I love the variety – each one is unique, but that’s what makes handmade gifts so wonderful, isn’t it?

  5. Oh I love them. And the beads will sparkle so if hung on a lit tree! Are this wee tiny sequins? Do I have some of those too? Love them all.

  6. I don’t know how you manage to turn so many itsy bitsy beads into such masterpieces. The color combos are fabulous and there’s no way I could choose a favorite. Truly beautiful.

  7. Your star ornaments are very cool, Lesley! The green one with all those tiny flowers is particularly lovely.

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