Art Elements March Challenge – Amulet Bags

This months design challenge was set for us by Cathy Spivey-Mendola and featured Amulet bags – you can read Cathy’s original post here if you missed it. I got rather carried away with my makes this month because I love the theme and also because I’ve been unwell for a good part of the month and these were something I could make from my nest on the sofa. I had loads of ideas for making amulets from all sorts of things but in the end I was a bit limited by being incapacitated so I concentrated on two main materials. As there are rather a lot of pieces here I’ll try and keep my words to  minimum and let the amulets speak for themselves…

First up is slubbed silk. I had a selection of silk remnants I bought ages ago from Ebay which I though might look good especially lined with toning cotton batik.

‘Moon God’ features a Green Girl charm with sterling silver flower charm and accent beads along with a handmade cord.

‘Tree of Life’ also features a Green Girl beads and this one has a knotted and beaded multi-strand cord.

‘Celestial’ features my own bronze moon and star and a simple Marsha Neal silk cord.

And finally for the silks ‘Naturalist’ again features some of my own bronze pieces.

Once these were done I decided to move onto some fine soft leather I had in my stash.

This first piece is a lovely rich red leather and I couldn’t resist a bit of toning fringing and a simple leather cord.

I was keen to use one of my bronze goddesses for this challenge this next one is certainly one of my favourites with beaded edges and brass beads on a simple leather cord.

This one features a looped closure with a rustic hand made wooden bead.

I also had some pieces of thicker leather that still had the shape of the natural hides and I managed incorporate some of these shapes in the flaps of a couple more bags…

This one is hand stitched and for the closure I’ve used a ceramic feather charm by Terri Del-Signore. Bead fringing and multi-strand cords give it a bit of a Native Indian feel.

And last but by no means least, also hand- stitched this one is is embellished with leaf charms by Karen Totten and just a couple of earthy beads on a simple cord.

So there you go – amulets obviously inspire me! I’pretty sure they’ve inspired a lot of other people too so if yo’d like to see how just use the links below to join our blog hop.


7 thoughts on “Art Elements March Challenge – Amulet Bags

  1. Love them all!!! I thought I got a bit obsessed making these little bags but I see that you did also. I can’t decide which are my favorites….possibly the red leather or maybe the gray leather? All are fabulous!!

  2. Wow what an amazing collection Lesley! They are all so beautiful but the bronze goddesses one really speaks to me, I love the colours and it’s so beautifully neat plus your goddess!!!

  3. OK – so I know we had discussed these – but WOW> I want to make all the leather things now. You pieces are gorgeous – simple, colorful, just the right embellishment – and so masterfully done. And you got straps done for all of them. Wow.

  4. OH MY!!!! I love the silk ones! Gorgeous! I love all your choices of embellishments! And I LOVE those leather ones as well! Just beautiful! I wish I had one iota of all your creativity!

  5. Holy cow you outdid yourself. I love them all! Though for possibly selfish reasons I especially love the one with my leaf charms on them. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity!

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