AJE ‘Use Your Stash” Challenge Reveal.

For this months AJE challenge, instead of working with a specific component we were charges with getting into our bead stashes and designing with something we already have. This  is a good way to to get yourself going after the new year especially if like me, you creative motivation has gone into hibernation!
I bought these beads from Tracey Seder Donoughe at Bead Fest and I absolutely adore them. So much so that when I go to my stash I invariably spend time just looking at them still amazed at the incredible detail with each one like a tiny little vessel. They are also extremely tactile have the most wonderful feel to them that just makes you want to touch them.

It suddenly occurred to me that if I turned some of these into a bracelet then they would be there to see and touch whenever I was wearing it…almost like worry beads I guess. I pulled out half a dozen of the blue cream beads because they pair well with my daily uniform of jeans and would therefore get lots of wear. It’s a fairly simple design with the beads wire wrapped and linked to each other and I’ve interspersed them with labradorite dangles to give some fluidity and movement to the piece.

I’m pretty happy with it and am keen now to do something with the rest of Tracie’s beads.

I also managed to whip up a quick pair of earrings using some of my AJE team stash. I have a whole flock of Caroline’s bird beads and I recently acquired some egg shaped lampwork headpins from Jen Cameron in a beautiful mottle glass – a perfect match for these cute little earrings.

I wash also hoping to have a third piece finished for this challenge but life intervened so this beaded piece with a wonderful focal by Birgitta Legonkou is a work in progress. The theme for this is serenity and I’ll come back and share it when I do get finished.

In the meantime I hope you will take a little time to follow out blog hop and see what our guest designers and the rest of the AJE team have created for this months challenge – just use the links below. Happy hopping!
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18 thoughts on “AJE ‘Use Your Stash” Challenge Reveal.

  1. I love Tracie's beads and that bracelet is gorgeous, perfect for every day! Love the earrings and embroidery too, I'll look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  2. Tracie's beads are awesome and that bracelet is a wonderful design for them. Definitely a wear-everyday piece. I love how you paired Caroline's fat little birds with Jen's speckled eggs. I can see those as a go-to pair of earrings, especially if you wear a lot of blues. And I look forward to seeing the finished bead embroidery piece. The finish on that focal is fabulous.

  3. Oh yes. I knew you'd save Tracey's beads for yourself. They are definitely miniature works of art and I could dive into the first picture. Perfect the ones you chose with labradorite. The earrings are adorable – I mean that in a good way! Im working on a piece with Birgitta in mind too, nit quite finished with it…

  4. Lesley, what wonderful pieces I love how you have used those beads with the labradorite, the colour play of the stone goes so beautifully with the glaze on the bead and your wire work is immaculate! I look forward to seeing what you do with your seed beaded piece (I already love it)!

  5. I am totally in love with that bracelet! I tend to play with my jewelry and that those beads are crying out to be fondled. Those earrings are so sweet and remind me of the coming spring.

  6. I know what you mean about motivation hiding — I'm just coming out of school holidays here and I desperately need to find mine (maybe still at the beach!). Anyway, gorgeous pieces! Enjoy your "worry beads".

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