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This month’s AJE monthly design challenge is hosted by Caroline Dewison and is all about trees. The image above is of a historic avenue of beech trees at Kingston Lacy in Dorset and is one of my favourite places. Originally 365 trees were planted (one for each day of the year) and they cover a two mile stretch of road which is pure joy to drive at any time of year. Some of the old trees are now beginning to show signs of distress so the National Trust are planting new trees to the side of these beauties so that they failing trees can eventually be replaced.

This is  hugely inspiring theme and I had a whole host of ideas that I wanted to try in a number of mediums but September turned out to be a very busy month. A great month with vacations and visitors but somewhat short on creative time so my offerings are fewer that hoped. The ideas are still there for future reference though so that’s good.In the end I decided to go down the bead embroidery route and use the iconic ‘green man‘ as my take on the tree theme. I chose one of my own face cabochons and matched it with some Czech glass leaf beads. After securing the cab with a beaded bezel and stitching on the leaves I added accents with drop beads and bugle beads to give the feeling of layers of leaves.

To give the pendant a sense of movement and depth I added some branch fringing at the bottom.

This is a long necklace and I used a double length of distressed leather to provide a contrast representative of the bark of the tree.

I have a bit of a thing about Czech glass leaves and love working with this sort of a design as there are so many variations and I’m happy how his one turned out.

I also managed to do a quick remake that was a good fit for Caroline’s theme. While giving my studio a thorough clean I came across this multi-string beaded bracelet but it had no focal element. I’ve no idea where the original went but I have plenty of tree related components so I knew I could find something to finish it off. The gorgeous etched copper oak leaf is by Julie Nordine and has been in my stash for many years since I was partnered with Julie in a Bead Soup challenge.

I think it works really well with the beaded section and the lampwork beads by Glass Bead Art.

We had a lot of interest in this challenge so I hope you’ll join us on the blog hop to see how everyone else has been inspired by our wonderful woodlands – just click on the links below to join in. Many thanks to Caroline for hosting this months challenge and to you for for stopping by.




23 thoughts on “AJE Tree Theme Challenge Reveal…

  1. Gorgeous work! Your green man's fabulous, (I do love your bead embroidery!), And the Oak leaf is the perfect finish to the bracelet, they were made for each other! Thank you for joining me in the challenge 🙂

  2. Just a tiny thing……
    Badbury Rings and Beech Avenue Countryside
    Drive along this wonderful Beach tree lined road and see the sunlight filter through their leaves. Stop and wander round iron age Badbury Rings.
    The impressive mile-long avenue of beech trees was planted in 1835 as an anniversary gift for Lady Bankes. It led as the main driveway to their manor house Kingston Lacy. Drive along or stop at the Rings to admire the changing seasons of the trees.
    Badbury Rings is a hill fort which dates from the Iron Age, (800BC to AD43), and is constructed on an earlier Bronze Age site (2200BC-800BC). It is believed to have belonged to an ancient Dorset tribe known as the 'Durotriges' who also constructed the famous site at Maiden Castle near Dorchester.
    Badbury Rings is a high point in the local landscape and provides excellent views in all directions. It was used as a main cross roads for the Roman empire whose road network cut across Dorset. You can take a number of relatively easy walks from the site which are all signposted from the carpark.
    Badbury Rings is now part of the Kingston Lacy estate, formerly owned by the Bankes family, now owned by The National Trust. Kingston Lacy can be found south of the Rings on the road towards Wimborne. For more information http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk search Kingston Lacy.

  3. I adore your 'greenman'!! He is beautifully beaded. Love the layered look of the beading. Looks like you added some triangle beads under the leaves? Fabulous!! And your fringe is perfect. I do love the bracelet as well, but the greenman is definitely my fave!

  4. Yes! The dragon scale beads between the leaves? Perfect!
    I really really love the oak bracelet. Thats a scrumptious bead medley, and it looks fun yet comfortable to wear!

  5. That green man is spectacular. I also have a thing for Czech glass leaves, in that I collect them in assorted colors and then don't know what to do with them. LOL. Love the bracelet too. The leaf focal with all those rich bead colors is awesome.

  6. The photo of the tree-lined road is calling me to take a drive. Your green man cab flanked by the glass leaves is stunning! What a cool effect. I love the addition of the branches below. The distressed leather does indeed evoke the tree bark. And the beaded bracelet . . . Gorgeous! What a perfect set for this challenge. I adore all of your work. In my book, you are a rock star of jewelers!

  7. Wow! I just love your GreenMan necklace and being pagan, I am ashamed that I didn't even think of it. That little bit of fringe just makes the whole piece.

    That bracelet is surely a showstopper with that gorgeous clasp!

  8. I am a bracelet gal but I fell for the green man. I really like the simplicity of your design which focuses on the pretty pendant. I remake a lot of jewelry pieces for myself and friends. I really like your re-design. Beautiful work.

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