AJE Component of the Month – May Reveal

Each month one of the AJE team creates components for the rest of our team and a number of guests to design a piece of jewellery around. This months components were supplied by Sue Kennedy of Sue beads and I got to work with the cute set of chicklet beads second from the left in this picture…

Because these beads are flat I decided they would work well as bracelet focals but as I’ve made a few strung bracelets recently I wanted to do something different. I’ve always been fond of beaded copper bangles and used to make a lot of them so decided to go that route. These bangles are formed around a core of heavy gauge wire but on this occasion however, instead of wrapping the core with wire I decided to try wire macrame in order to get a flat band effect.

I threaded the beads onto the core with some Czech glass and copper accent beads and used 0.9mm copper wire to ‘tie’ simple square knots around it.

The ends of the core wire are looped with a couple of jump rings and a hand forged hook added to complete the bracelet. I used Liver of Sulphur to oxidise the wire and enhance the textural detail.

A fairly simple design but I really like this type of bangle and I think I may be making a few more.

You can see what everyone else made with their components by clicking on the links below and joining us on our blog hop.

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26 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – May Reveal

  1. I'm not really sure how you get that wire macrame to look so perfect, but it's amazing! It's really awesome! Thank you so much for playing along this month!

  2. I love this design. You call it simple, but I find it very impressive. I have been loving Sue's flower chicklet beads in everything I've seen them in lately, so this hop is going to be super fun. Yours is the first blog I've visited on the hop, and it's off to a good start!

  3. GASP!! Wire macrame!!! This is genius, and really GORGEOUS. Yes, tutorial please! (I actually know how to do macrame, being a child of the 70s, but I would love to see how you did the ends.)

  4. Hi Lesley! Each month you create such wonderful pieces for the Challenge! (All of the artists do likewise!). This piece has a lovely Celtic feeling for me (I'm Irish by marriage!). Your wirework is elegant and feminine, and a lovely compliment to Sue's beads! Love everything about this bracelet!

  5. Your imagination and talent always inspires me. I never would have thought of using wire macrame to achieve that look and it is incredible!

  6. I'm quite sure using 19 g. wire to attempt macrame wouldn't be all that simple for me, but it sure does look great with Sue's chiclets.

  7. Well I stopped by to hop hop hop to your BSBP8 reveal, and this beauty just floored me! WOW! Lesley, you are the most gifted designer I know. Your work is incredible. Again, ingenious design, with a clarity & grace that astonishes & inspires me. Absolutely magnificent!

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