AJE Component of the Month – March Reveal

Time for another AJE reveal and the component we all had to work with this month was a fantastic ceramic Luna Moth made by the lovely Caroline of Blueberri Beads…isn’t it stunning?

I have to say I was a little intimidated by this lovely fella as he is rather large and I was terrified throughout that I was going to drop and break him. Now, he is obviously intended for a necklace…unless you’re really into statement earrings and have very strong ears – and I decided that for me it needed to be a short one, again for safety reasons.

At first when I starting looking for accents I was struggling to come up with anything that seemed to either complement or match but, after a good rummage I found this lovely beaded bead by Malin De Koning…

The purples and golds matched my moth perfectly and I liked the way the blue beads added a little pop of contrasting colour so I decided to try and build on that. Eventually I found a selection of art beads I liked and wired them in bronze to form to different but hopefully complementary sections.

Here you can see ceramic beads from Marsha Neal, polymer clay beads from Rebekah Payne and one of my own patinated bronze rings and hooks. I also found some lovely hand dyed ribbon strings from Sowzere Designs in just the right colours which I plaited and added to the linked elements to complete the necklace – not the easiest piece to photograph but here it is…

I wasn’t sure about how the lovely turquoise flower sat at first but it’s kind of growing on me so I’ve it as is…what do you think?

I hope Caroline thinks I’ve done her component justice and I can’t wait to see what everyone else had made with theirs. You can join me on our little blog hop using the links below.


The AJE Team
Caroline Dewison – http://www.blueberribeads.co.uk 
Diana Ptaszynski – http://www.suburbangirlstudio.com
Jenny Davies-Reazor – http://www.jdaviesreazor.com/blog
Rebekah Payne – www.treewingsstudio.com

21 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – March Reveal

  1. Lesley, I always love seeing how you design a piece. I love your ability to take seemingly unrelated components and put them together like they were made for each other! Once again, a wonderfully striking design!

  2. I love this design Lesley. Every component and bead makes the whole piece come together so beautifully. A fantastic composition as a whole, built around the grand moth pendant. Every little part helps enhance the others and create a wonderful marriage. (And I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you!!!!)

  3. I love the glaze on this one–soft lilac pink and bronzey gold. The addition of teal was a stroke of genius! I think with the the paler teal in the braided cording, and the little teal beads at the end, it works well with your teal rose element.

  4. It's beautiful, Leslie! I love the progression of color, beginning from where my eyes land on the mauve tones of the moth then around to Rebekah's lovely teal rose (I can proudly say I own one of those, too!). Gorgeous ribbons, and that awesome seed bead focal…perfect! Carol.

  5. Stunning palette. I like the pop of turquoise, and my eye keeps resting on the ends of the cord, with the bead details. I like that the detail there links visually to Malin's bead also. Awesome.

  6. Oh! how gorgeous Lesley!!! I love the dusky color palette you chose—it reminds me of a rainbow in a dark stormy sky when its soft colors are barely visible against the billowing clouds, but oh-so lovely if you happen to catch a glimpse of it… and of course it makes me smile to see my polymer rose and little round bead in your necklace! Beyond beautiful and one I'd be happy to wear any day! 🙂

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