AJE Component of the Month – December Reveal

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 has started well for you. I did my celebrating in Edinburgh this year and got home just last night so I’m feeling a little groggy this morning having slept in rather late to catch up on missed sleep. I finally had to drag myself out of bed to put together this post for the reveal for the last of the 2014 AJE COM challenges…these lovely snow flake pendants from Diana Ptsazynski of Suburban Girl Studio.

I chose a white matt glazed pendant and found my main challenge was deciding where to go with colours. I didn’t want to use anything that would make it specifically Christmas themed and I don’t actually have many white beads. Those that I do have were a very bright white which made the pendant look very grey and do even less for my skin tone! In the end I decided to stay very neutral but went for an off white which seemed to blend the colours of the glaze and the clay – maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I liked it.

I started with some open linked antiqued bronze chain which I jazzed up by adding some pearlised seed beads to alternate links.

Now I quite like the pendant simply strung from this and that’s how
it sat for a while but then, I did begin to think it was a bit simple
for a challenge so I added a couple of frosted Rivoli beads for a little added interest. I still felt a little unfinished so I cut some shorter pieces of chain and made some wire wrapped seed bead dangles to create a tail beneath the focal like falling snow or even a falling star.

I used single links from the chain to keep it in place and sitting flat at the back…

Here’s how it looks altogether, rather understated but that tends to be the type of jewellery I wear so I’m happy with it.

Many thanks to Diana for supplying such lovely pieces to work with – you can see what the rest of the team and our guest’s made using the links below and we look forward to bringing you more challenges throughout 2015.



AJE Team

22 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – December Reveal

  1. I like the understated look and it's probably along the lines of how I would have designed a piece around the snowflake as well. I would wear that in a heartbeat!

  2. I am bowled over by what you did with the chain and how it enhanced the beauty of the snowflake. And I LOVE the physics of what you did to affix the snowflake to the chain and dangles. The piece is just gorgeous. So "deep winter".

  3. Beautiful Lesley! I love how we both came up with similar silhouettes, but our necklaces couldn't be constructed or look more different. I would wear your necklace all the time! It looks delicate and earthy at the same time! Like your snowflake is still falling, and mine has already landed, lol!

  4. It's gorgeous! Simply elegant and doesn't scream winter or Christmas, which would limit wear-ability time. Your choice of colors perfectly compliments the focal..and thank you for showing us how it developed along the way!

  5. What an incredible necklace! Adding those beads to the chain was the perfect touch. And thank you for showing off the back as I was wondering just how you did it.

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