AJE Component of the Month – April Reveal

Yet another month is drawing to a close and it’s time for the AJE team and our guests to reveal what we’ve created with this months special component. Jennifer Cameron supplied us with some beautiful lampwork headpins this month and as usual, I forgot to take a picture of mine before I started working with them – doh! Fortunately Jen’s picture shows my headpins…I received two of those on the left, a lovely soft blue with gorgeous encased murrini.

For me the most difficult thing about working with decorative headpins in that you only get one shot – mess it up and at best you have buckled wire to try and make a feature of and at worst the overworked wire snaps…been there, done that. I usually do a trial run with some scrap wire but I still hold my breath when I start on the real thing.
Initially I was trying not to plump for the obvious choice of earrings but my muse had other thoughts, planting a idea in my head while I was in the shower which I then couldn’t shake off. These are what developed as a result.

The germ of the idea was some sort of wrapping around a ring but that seemed a little dull so I dug around for something extra and came up with a couple of my own domed bronze flowers. They were the right size for the headpins so I drilled and hammered some copper washers, bit the bullet and started wrapping…

I liked the play of the two metals against each other especially with the added depth when oxidised so I decided to go for a
full medley of metals and made some sterling silver earwires. I really
like the contrasts with the blue green and  I think these are a good showcase for Jen’s headpins.

You can see what everyone else made with their components by clicking on the links below.

Guest Designers:
AJE Team:


28 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – April Reveal

  1. Ohmygosh!!! Those are gorgeous!! I adore mixed metals, and what an ingenious way to show off the lovely headpins. Hugely creative thinking, to me – I never would have thought of it, and I love them! Will you be selling these??

  2. Isn't it funny, Miss Lesley, how all the little murrinis are ending up as flowers? I love your mix of metals and the simple and powerful styling. The textures, the colors, the shapes. These are kicky little earrings that just long for warmer days and bright skies! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Confession: I saw these pinned this morning to Pinterest and I LOVED them and didnt recognize the headpins! And I participated in the same challenge. I was then – and now – struck with the simple design, stunning effect. it is a lovely pair and still lets the headpin star in the show. Mixed metals for the win!

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