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So here we are ready for another theme challenge reveal and what a month it’s been since Jenny launched her Gnome theme. We none of knew that so many of us would be in virtual lock down and living our lives in ways we never dreamt of. Strangely, despite having a surfeit of time I have found it quite difficult to settle to creative work with my mind being more preoccupied with organising and cleaning – I guess when you lose control of large parts of your life your brain looks for things it can control and that’s what triggers this type of activity. Eventually though I did manage to get in the studio and do more than clean it and it was nice to have a theme that I could have a bit of fun with.

Just before all this turmoil started I went to see an Exhibition called ‘Beyond the Brotherhood, The Pre-Raphaelite Legacy at the Russell Cotes Museum. Amongst the exhibits was the painting in my header image: Gnomes, (watercolour and bodycolour 1976) by Brian Froud. I love this illustration! There is just so much detail and depth and texture and character…If I just sit and look at it I keep finding new things and you just know from looking at it what that skin feels like.

But I sadly have not a gram of the talent of Brian Froud so my offerings are way more modest. Jenny’s original post also included illustration of gnomes by Rien Poortvliet so I thought I’d try and do some watercolour gnomes based loosely on these. However they turned out looking like a gnomish tribute to ZZ Top so I’ve name them Zebedee, Zachary and Zeke. You’ll notice they are keeping their hands to themselves and practicing social distancing!

This little fella is Hamish the Highland Gnome…distant Scottish cousin of the Z Gnomes. He wears a lovely tartan outfit and because he likes to spend a lot of time outdoors things have taken root in his hat.

He has a lovely lush beard that’s very reminiscent of curly wool tops and a beady nose that’s a little on the ‘rosey’ side, possibly due to his fondness for a ‘wee dram’.

Many thanks to Jenny for giving us a theme to to lighten he mood this month. If you’d like join Hamish and his cousins in a blog hop to meet some more of their relatives please use the links below.

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12 thoughts on “Art Elements Theme Challenge Reveal – Gnomes

  1. Your watercolor gnomes are lovely and the texture of the watercolor creates a cool fabric effect! And the “tartan” gnome loos so comfy, I want to wrap myself down a blanket as well. It is strange but I am quite calm and relaxed. Not that I don’t worry, but mostly about family and friends abroad. But myself, I actually get down from my usual work stress load (I love my direct work but the pressure we get due to money, hierarchy levels, and so on, definitely not) and I can disconnect from a situation when I can change nothing about it. So right now, I am enjoying the sunshine coming through the windows, seeing the blue sky (third floor, no houses but a park in front), drinking some coffee and chatting / sending pics with family in our telegram family chats. I hope you will find the quiet and wonderful moments again despite the dire situation!

  2. Going through this challenge’s posts I’m also going from one squee to the next.
    Your little gnomes deserve a big squee!!
    I have to admit that my favorite is Hamish, he looks as if he knows how to live 😀

  3. Please stop apologizing for your style: I am in awe of your expressive abilities and celebrate your refusal to be anyone but exactly who you are!!! By the way, I share your need to control what I can; forcing myself to create at least every other day… because stillness and meditation/art are essential to my survival as well! Much ❤

  4. OMG I absolutely love your Z gnomes! They are perfectly adorable as are their names. And I really love Hamish your HIghland gnome. I think my favorite part is his pink nose poking out.

  5. That illustration in the header really does draw you in. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m definitely going to go back and gaze at it some more once this hop is over!
    I think your watercolor gnomes are so fun. And, you gave me a good laugh with the ZZ Top reference. Ha!!
    And, Hamish – oh my! I love his little heart nose and viney hat. You did a fab job with this theme!

    What is it with all this time and not being able to really accomplish anything? I feel ya.

  6. The Z gnomes are wonderful and I adore your style of watercolor. I can picture them with guitars, jamming out in the woods. Hamish is charming. Knowing a bit of his backstory, the explanation for the vines growing on his cap and his rosy nose, give him even more character.

  7. And now I have “sharp dressed man” stuck in my head. I can totally see them rocking out. LOL! They’re cute, but trying to be edgy. And I’m glad they’re practicing social distancing. The Scottish cousin is a delight. That lush bead…I just want to run my fingers through it. He is very handsome.

  8. ZZ top gnomes made me laugh out loud! I love Hamish – he is a snazzy dresser! And yes – looks like he has had a few nips of the uisce. I am glad you found some creative time and silliness with this theme amidst…. everything!

  9. I really hear you about having a hard time getting creative during this worrisome time – and that’s why this challenge was so helpful. I love your ZZ Gnomes. They’d look really cute framed, on the wall. And Hamish is awesome. I love his curly beard and his sardonyx nose!

  10. Oh Lesley! Your post is just so delightful in so many ways and I am thankful for the big smile and giggles you brought to me (oh, I can tell he definitely likes a wee dram…) Keep posting your beautiful artwork and bringing smiles out around the globe <3

  11. These are really adorable Leslie, I love your little water colours, they look like they are up to mischief and Hamish the Highland Gnome, his beard looks great!

  12. OMG. I laughed so hard at the ZZ Top reference! Hamish is just adorable… love that pink nose and the leaves on his hat!

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