Focus on Life Week 1 of 52 – Self Portrait

This year I am taking part in a photo journal challenge set up by the
lovely Sally Russick of Studio Sublime who, in addition to creating
beautiful jewellery is a talented photographer…unlike myself! Each
week Sally will be sending the participants a word prompt and the
following Saturday we will post our photo interpretations on our blogs, Flickr or Instagram.

The first prompt Sally sent us
was ‘self-portrait’ – cue sinking feeling and knot in the middle of my
stomach. I do not like being photographed and you’ll be lucky to find more than a handful of recent pictures of me – even fewer decent ones.

So my first reaction was to make an appointment for hair and make-up and spend hours setting up props and soft lighting that would be kind to me but then that wouldn’t really be a true representation of me, the camera does in fact lie sometimes. I’m more often to be found sans make-up with hair askew and anything but glamorous. I often get distracted by work before I’m even dressed in the morning so I decided that would be a truer reflection of me and took some pictures just after I got up this morning. As you can see I couldn’t help but ham it up a little and I’m guessing that was my instinctive reaction to cover my nervousness.

You have no idea how difficult it is for me to publish these photo’s but deep breath, here goes….

My early morning  pink and puffy look was a little too much so I converted them to black and white which makes them a little more bearable – but this really is me.

Hop over to Sally’s Blog and you’ll be able to see how the other participants have photographed themselves and I’ll be back next Saturday with my interpretation of the next prompt.

Have a great weekend all.