Art Elements Theme Challenge – Berries

Hello and welcome to the reveal for the first Art elements theme challenge of 2020. This theme is hosted by Karen Totten and she chose Berries as this months inspiration. When Karen first posted her idea I think she had in mind plump juicy berry fruits like raspberries and strawberries but for me they scream summer and it’s been a damp and dreary January in the UK so I’ve not really been in a summer headspace. Instead I’ve taken my inspiration from the winter berrying shrubs that add a vivid pop of colour to the world as well as enticing rich and varied bird life.

Image from Saga Magazine

My favourite of these is the Cotoneaster with it’s lovely pendulous clusters of berries so I decided to try and capture this in paint. I’ve literally just picked up my brushes again after a few months break so I’m still feeling my way back in so it’s no masterpiece, but it’s ok. I’m not great at realistic painting but I’m taking courses to improve and live in hope. I find leaves very difficult and there was little defined light to brighten this up so it’s a bit muddy but I quite like the berries. I need to get into the habit of practicing realistic painting more often.

For my second piece I went back to my safe place and created a stylised piece purely from my imagination. I lean naturally towards this more design oriented style where I don’t have to worry about the subject being recognisable… It’s a very relaxed and therapeutic way of painting and I’m much happier with this one.

If you’d like to see how other people are inspired by out berry theme please join us on our blog hop using the links below. Many thanks to Karen for hosting this theme for us

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